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Insider Prevention and Response: A virtuous circle

When I worked in Government Security, I was involved in numerous investigations into poor behaviour by civil servants and security clearance holders. By contrast, at Blacksmiths, my focus has been much more on preventing insider incidents than on investigating them. However, we did recently get involved in an investigation which contained some useful and interesting…
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CASE STUDY: Strategic Cyber and Analysis Capability Building

A case study on Blacksmiths’ experience of building cyber security capability building for a public sector client’s operations based overseas.

CASE STUDY: Sensitive Project Assurance

Read this example of Blacksmiths’s approach to helping a business understand how to protect its sensitive information and reputation.

CASE STUDY: Simulated Insider Attack

Simulated insider attack on a critical government attack to test security defences and identify weaknesses that need improvement.

CASE STUDY: Operational Technology Security Transformation

Blacksmiths conducted a full scale review of the cyber security of operational technology for a large pharmaceutical client.