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Cybersecurity encompasses a wide range of concepts and practices. However, we prefer the term ‘technical security’ as it reflects our expertise and approach more precisely. Our role is to bridge the gap for those who feel they need more technical proficiency by providing comprehensive solutions and guidance.

What’s the issue?

Typically, cyber security assessments encounter issues for various reasons. Businesses often lack clarity regarding their actual needs and regularly get sold assessments by non-technical people with limited insight. Misconceptions about what constitutes “penetration testing” further contribute to the problem, leading to overly compartmentalised assessments and disregarding the broader organisational context and related risks. Scoping of assessments is seldom done properly, and many subsequent test reports rapidly become shelfware.

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How can we help?

Our technical experts come from a range of backgrounds, and we’ve all been on both ends of an assessment. None of us are salespeople in pen testers’ clothing. We’re passionate about ensuring our clients get meaningful and pragmatic results. We tailor every technical engagement to the client’s unique environment, aligning it with any wider business requirements. We’ll probably spend longer scoping your assessments than you’re used to, but for a good reason.

A few things we’re great at

Every client’s needs are unique. We design our projects and apply ourselves to suit your goals, budget and operations, but here are some common methods and services we can use to support you.

Cyber security testing


We can test your digital defences from within or from outside your organisation. Our team can conduct black/grey/white box testing against a range of infrastructure and applications.

Cyber security assessments


We can conduct a range of cyber assessments, including cyber policy reviews, infrastructure vulnerability assessments, cloud architecture reviews and operational technology risk assessments.

Cyber security advisors


Our experts can provide ongoing advice to your leadership or technical teams. This can be on a retained basis or with an advisor or technical expert working full-time within your organisation.

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