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In times of economic difficulties, it is natural for security budgets to be reduced in any sized organisation. Security and risk professionals must do more with less. Using tried and tested risk management principles, we will assist any security and risk manager to prioritise what needs doing and why.

The issue facing businesses

Security and risk professionals are tasked with protecting organisations’ assets – their people, places, information or operations. Threat actors are becoming more sophisticated, and hazards (human and natural) are becoming multi-layered and more complex.

Businesses often focus on one aspect of security, whether physical, digital or human, reducing their visibility on the complex and converged threat types. Security and risk teams need a deep understanding of how risks are blocking their organisation from meeting their objectives and how to seek out opportunities within those risks.

Business security issues


How can we help?

When assessing an organisation’s vulnerabilities and risks, aspects of security are often viewed in silos. This disjointed approach can result in missed vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities.

Our assessment approach addresses the following:

• Leadership and governance

• Threat and risk assessment

• Security culture

• People management

• Supplier management

• Information management

• Technology management

• Physical security

• Incident identification and response.

A few things we’re great at

Every client’s needs are unique. We design our projects and apply ourselves to suit your goals, budget and operations, but here are some common methods and services we can use to support you.

Holistic security advisors


We excel at supporting small, rapidly growing organisations that want to implement a lasting holistic approach to security.

Holistic security assessments


Our proprietary assessments provide practical and cost-effective recommendations that build a resilient organisation.

Security management programmes


We can build programmes to help you achieve organisational goals, protect your assets and find new opportunities.

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