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Security incidents affect all organisations, and they don’t happen by accident. Our threat experts know who the threat actors are. They understand their motivation and intent and can use this expertise to help you prevent incidents and protect what matters to you most.

Threat management is a business necessity

Regulatory bodies and insurance companies are placing greater responsibilities on organisations to keep their people, data and assets safe from external threats. And with good reason. Threat actors have access to sophisticated methods to achieve their aims and are not bound by the rule of law or constrained by ethics. Organised criminals, sophisticated state actors, single-issue activists, terrorists and competitors can and do take advantage of security vulnerabilities to fulfil their objectives.

Threat management – a business necessity

Threat actors

Who is a threat, and why are they doing this?

For many security professionals, the answers to these questions come too late. The questions themselves are often overlooked in favour of identifying and remedying an organisation’s vulnerabilities.

Understanding the identity and intent of threat actors who pose a risk to your business is a vital first step in accurately assessing and evaluating security policies, maturity, stance, and controls, allowing you to prevent, respond to and recover from security incidents.

A few things we’re great at

Every client’s needs are unique. We design our projects and apply ourselves to suit your goals, budget and operations, but here are some common methods and services we can use to support you.

Threat training for businesses


Our security and intelligence skills training spans human, real-world and digital subjects. We deliver courses, design learning pathways and provide longer-term programmes.

Business threat assessments


We offer tailored threat assessments that help you identify the risks to your operations using our understanding of threat actors worldwide and our ability to research new ones.

Business threat testing


We specialise in simulating how threat actors might use digital, human and real-world means to maliciously steal your data, disrupt your operations or degrade your capability.

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