A global consultancy with a mission to help organisations understand risks to their critical assets and implement intelligent security.

Our expertise

Business threats management


Threat actors
Intent and capability
Vulnerability and risk

Insider risk and insider threat management


Insider threat
Behaviours and cultures
Personnel security

Cyber and digital security management


Operational technology
Technical security
Penetration testing

Specialist security management


Risk management
Holistic security
Leadership and governance


About us

Blacksmiths is a team of security and risk experts based in the UK and operating globally. We help our clients get a firm grip of their security challenges so that they can get on with their mission, confident in the safety of their people, their data and their reputation.

We deliver

Every client’s needs are unique. We design our projects and apply ourselves to suit your goals, budget and operations, but here are some common methods and services we can use to support you.

Specialist security advisors


We can place the right experts inside your organisation who can provide the best advice at the appropriate level.

Security management programmes


We can enhance your organisation’s resilience, reduce your risks and improve your capability to find new opportunities.

Security testing services


We specialise in performing digital, physical and human tests of security controls using bespoke and novel techniques.

Specialist business security assessments


We use innovative methodologies and established frameworks to assess your organisation’s security capability.

Specialist security training for businesses


We deliver workshops, courses and programmes that will develop your people’s security and intelligence skills.

Strategic and operational research


We can perform operational/strategic research into threats, trends, tech or other factors affecting your security risk.


When Bad Actors Get Hold of AI

This article sets out three ways that ‘bad actors’ might exploit AI technologies and how we can help you mitigate the risks to your organisation.

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Insider Prevention and Response: A virtuous circle

When I worked in Government Security, I was involved in numerous investigations into poor behaviour by civil servants and security clearance holders. By contrast, at Blacksmiths, my focus has been[…]

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Generational Divides and Insider Threat

Generational values It was 1989, my first day at work, and I was wearing a rather fetching trouser suit. A senior male colleague approached me and informed me severely that[…]

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