People and Insider Risk

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No organisation is immune from insider risk. It only takes one person to develop a grudge or make a silly mistake for your reputation and bottom line to be seriously damaged. We can help you identify and address the risks using a ‘whole-organisation’ approach.

Insider risk management is a business necessity

Insider incidents are on the rise. Regulators and insurers are becoming more attuned to this fact and require businesses to have controls in place. Our team of insider risk experts can help you assess your risks and advise on prevention and detection.


Insider risk - trust paradox

The trust paradox

Your organisation may find itself in a dilemma. On the one hand, you intuitively know that you need to demonstrate trust to your employees to win their loyalty and commitment. On the other hand, you know that unconditional trust costs. You can resolve this apparent trust paradox with the right approach.

Blacksmiths’ behavioural scientists work with the grain of your organisational culture rather than against it, supporting you to talk to your people about insider risk in a way that reinforces rather than undermines trust. Being able to harness the insider risk awareness of your people is critical in spotting problems early.

A ‘whole-organisation’ approach

There can be a temptation to reach for one-off solutions like enhanced screening or technical controls. Our experts have decades of national security experience in vetting and technical monitoring and have advised clients in these and other areas.

However, we encourage clients to think beyond single solutions and to consider issues such as training, security culture and how to develop a ‘whole-organisation’ approach to insider risk management.


A few things we’re great at

Every client’s needs are unique. We design our projects and apply ourselves to suit your goals, budget and operations, but here are some common methods and services we can use to support you.

Insider Risk Assessments


We will perform a bespoke assessment that gives you an understanding of your greatest vulnerabilities and what you can do about them.

Insider Threat Programmes


With vulnerabilities identified, we will develop an insider risk programme to support you in reducing risks according to your organisational risk appetite.

Insider Risk Training


Our advisors and behavioural psychologists will create high-impact, evidence-based training packages tailored to your organisation’s culture.

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