CASE STUDY: Strategic Cyber and Analysis Capability Building

CASE STUDY: Strategic Cyber and Analysis Capability Building

Strategic Cyber and Analysis Capability Building

Client Problem

A government department based in a high threat country had an urgent need to develop a team capable of effective cyber security analysis. The team would be responsible for monitoring and responding to cyber security threats to critical national infrastructure during a period of geopolitical instability.

Blacksmiths was contracted to:

  1. Undertake a comprehensive training needs analysis.
  2. Design and deliver a future-proof strategic capacity building programme to transform individual and team capabilities.

Our Response

Blacksmiths rapidly mobilised a team of experts across cyber security and analysis with long experience in meeting critical national security challenges. The team comprised expert trainers, cyber security specialists and senior advisors with decades of experience in implementing organisational change.


After conducting in-depth site visits and a series of remote interviews and organisational reviews, we provided the client with:

  • A detailed assessment of the current level of capabilities.
  • A clear and measurable roadmap for achieving their desired end goals.
  • Developmental plans for each student.

Two-year training programme

Blacksmiths delivered a comprehensive suite of cyber security and analytical training to the team.

Our highly effective delivery approach utilises:

  • Progressive modules – with regular practical exercises and assessments.
  • Student personal development plans – these capture exam results and trainer observations to ensure that future training is tailored to individual needs for optimal learning.

Secure remote learning platform

Our trainers delivered much of the training from the UK in a highly secure manner using Blacksmiths’ innovative Integrity Remote Learning Platform.

Integrity allowed us to:

  • Facilitate classroom sessions remotely.
  • Access interactive learning tools that supported us to embed learning and facilitate practical exercises and assessments.
  • Maintain a high pace of training, despite the logistical challenges posed by the high threat location.
  • Provide students with regular remote mentoring and feedback.

The Outcome

Over the course of the programme, the unit developed from a very low baseline into a high-performing team with a proven track record of providing critical support to the client’s response to national security incidents. The client had full visibility of the learning journey and the team’s progress, both individually and collectively.

We continue to support the client with mentoring and training, both for new joiners and for advanced specialisation programmes to ensure that students keep abreast of new developments in the cyber security and national security analytical landscape.

Blacksmiths’ team of training specialists have deep experience in building and delivering tailored courses to enable our clients to develop their cyber security capabilities . If you would like to learn more about our offerings in this area please contact us at

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