CASE STUDY: Operational Technology Security Transformation

CASE STUDY: Operational Technology Security Transformation

Operational Technology Security Transformation

Client Problem

The cyber security team of a global pharmaceutical company needed to understand the security risk exposure of  the production processes at key manufacturing sites. Each site had legacy systems that were vital to maintaining availability of production. They commissioned Blacksmiths to evaluate the cyber, personnel and physical security measures deployed at each site and to identify critical vulnerabilities.

Our Response

The team conducted a holistic assessment of site security measures through client workshops, interviews and a policy review. A physical visit was also conducted to inspect the operational technology infrastructure used on-site. These activities provided the team with a strong understanding of the key security risks and vulnerabilities.

The Outcome

Blacksmiths identified the worst-case security risk scenarios that could significantly impact the availability of production at each site. The team also provided tailored recommendations using the evidence gathered in the assessment. Blacksmiths combined these artefacts to produce a transformation strategy to implement the recommendations and bring security risks in line with accepted levels of tolerance. The client has commenced a multi-year improvement programme based on Blacksmiths’ work.

Blacksmiths’ team of security risk experts have deep experience of helping clients understand risks to their operational technology and implement lasting, proportionate security measures. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at

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