Private Client: Secure IT Infrastructure Setup

Client Problem

A private client had a long-standing position of seniority within an organisation which also provided facilities and security for his and his family’s personal IT networks and communications. The company went through a restructuring process, allowing our client to retire from his role. It was imperative that this decision be tightly held.

The client recognised the need to establish his own independent, secure IT infrastructure and, therefore, needed to:

  • Fully understand the footprint of the employer’s IT
  • Identify the vulnerabilities and risks to be mitigated
  • Establish his own, secure network, hardware and communications setup across multiple locations without any break in service.

All this needed to be done discreetly, without raising any awareness of his impending retirement from the company.

Our Response


We provided the client with a primary point of contact who worked with them directly to quickly establish the requirement for the new security setup, identify the key assets to be protected and establish the primary areas of security concern that had to be mitigated.


Blacksmiths assembled a dedicated in-country delivery team to handle the process of discreetly designing and building the new systems. Throughout the process, the staff on the ground maintained a discreet presence whilst doing the necessary hardware and software installation and setups.


The dedicated team delivered ongoing support to the client’s existing IT setup and rectified a number of security vulnerabilities that were identified.

The Outcome

The project enabled the client to transfer seamlessly from his previous systems onto the setup that Blacksmiths created. The new resource was more practical, better suited the client’s needs and significantly more secure. The Blacksmiths team provided an in-depth handover to the client’s new dedicated IT support staff, which included issuing them with full support documentation. The work was delivered without alerting any parties to the client’s retirement from the company.

Blacksmiths has proven experience in providing bespoke, secure and discreet services to clients with unique or difficult requirement. If you would like to learn more about our offerings in this area, please email us at

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