JOB DESCRIPTION: Technical Security Consultant

SALARY: Up to £55,000 dependent on experience


Blacksmiths provides organisations with holistic (human, digital, physical) capability to defend their critical assets from complex threats. We have several expert teams and our Cyber security team is the most in-demand. We want someone really good to come and join them as we grow.

So…if you know the difference between a vulnerability assessment and an actual penetration test, then please keep reading.

The job title may seem generic, but that’s because it’s actually the best way to summarise what we’re looking for. You should be the kind of person who hates not knowing something technical and goes out of their way to learn about it. You may already be a pentester or perhaps you work in another “techy” role (IT support, sysadmin, network engineer, SOC analyst, etc.) that you feel you’ve grown out of. Either way you must have an interest in security.

As you can probably tell by the salary, we’re not looking for someone uber-experienced. In fact, you will probably feel as though you want to learn more, and this is a great place to do that. We don’t really care if you have every technical certification under the sun. If you do, that’s great, but there is no certification for decent work ethic.

We need someone who wants to travel both within the UK and overseas but is also completely comfortable working autonomously from home. You need to be able to communicate well and be competent at writing (note that this is very important to us).

Flexibility is key – you’ll be the sort of person who doesn’t mind a bit of uncertainly and will have no problems bouncing from one thing to another. If you want to just focus on one thing at a time, you’re not for us. You won’t mind being part of a small team one minute, and being on your own leading a client engagement the next. You see stepping outside of your comfort zone as a challenge to which you will rise, not an obstacle you will avoid.

What does a typical month look like for this role? Well, one week you could find yourself sitting in an underground datacentre conducting a basic VA of virtualised infrastructure. The following week you may be flying to Europe to teach people how to use the dark web. Week three could see you sitting at home conducting a blackbox web application penetration test over the internet with a colleague, writing reports and speaking to potential clients. You’ll generally take it easy the rest of the time, although you may be thinking through how you’re going to help us break into a client’s premises in week four. This job has plenty of variety.

Interested? Please send your CV and a short covering email explaining why you are so awesome in no more that 100 words to

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